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The Dreaded Rules

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2 Single action pistols (.32 caliber or larger)
Lever action rifle (tube feed, exposed hammer having 16" barrel or longer)
Shotgun either a side by side, lever action or pump shotgun with exposed hammer(Win. 97, Marlin Model 16) Shotgun barrel must be 18" or longer

If you do not have weapons or only some of them do not let that stop you from coming. There are members who will loan shooters any weapons needed to shoot the event.
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Western style clothing is required of all shooters. This helps to create the atmosphere of the old west and makes it more interesting for spectators and shooters. Boots, blue jeans, cowboy hat and long sleeve western shirt will be okay. The items "outlawed" for shooters: short sleeve shirts, modern straw hats, designer jeans, "tenny runners" (to include: tennis, running, jogging, aerobic shoes, etc.) nylon, plastic, neon, Velcro, etc.
Safety glasses and ear protection required
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Score is based upon elapsed time plus any misses or technical penalty points. Misses are scores at +5 seconds for every missed target. Technical penalty is scored at +10 seconds.
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This is not a quick draw or fast draw shooting. An alias is to be used by the shooter. Weapons will only be loaded when told to do so by the Range Officer. (Hearing and eye protection is required for all shooters and spectators.)
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Generally they are large and steel stationary or reactive targets (tip over or swingers) set at close range for pistols and further out for shotgun and rifle.
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Black Powder (used in all weapons)
Traditional (non-adjustable pistol sights)
Modern (adjustable pistol sights)
Duelist (shooting one handed)
Gunfighter (two pistols, one in each hand)

Monthly shoots all categories are scored together.
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Cowboy bullets are lead only, no jacketed rounds. Maximum velocity is less than 1000 feet/second. Typically there are six stages at each match. Matches usually require at least the following amount of ammo:
Each Stage Full Match
10 rifle rounds 60 rifle rounds
10 pistol rounds 60 pistol rounds
2 to 4 shotgun rounds 1 box / 25 rounds
Some stages may require a few more rounds. Bring extra rounds and shotgun shells!
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Simply "Spirit of the Game" is good sportsmanship. If you don't have it, then cowboy action shooting is not for you. These events are designed for shooters who want to have fun and are not for shooters who look for ways to create an advantage out of what is or is not stated by the Range Officer.
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