Windy Plains Drifters
The Drifters

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This couple puts on a real shindig...
Hoot shoots but Annie cooks, you decide who is better!

The name says it all... this gent is a dead eye.

TroubleShooter Lou
Fixin guns is his hobby, but shootin' is his game...

Sodbuster Mac
He ain't like no farmer an
he shoots like the devil.

Near Side
Fer this townie shootin' is a new thing an
crossin' em is sorta hit er miss...
Pistols:   Uberti 1873 Colt 45
Rifle:   Cimmaron 1873 Winchester, 45 Colt
Shotgun:   Rossi 12GA Overland Coach Gun

Captain Steptoe
Dude is so tall he just
leans out and touches the targets!

He's a gunfighter,
pretty slow,
but still a gunfighter!

Not a gunfighter or duelist but watch out...
this guy is blazin' fast!