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Try out Cowboy Action Shooting without all the gear!

OK, so you want to try out this Cowboy Action Shooting but all the guns, gear and costumes is a bit daunting.  We have a solution for you at our matches!  We have created a special category of shooting available only at our range called the Windy Plains Drifters class.  This category is specially developed to allow you to participate in a regular Cowboy Action Shooting match right along with all the other cowboys with guns you probably already have.  This gives you the opportunity to try out the fun and excitement of Cowboy Action Shooting without all the expense of purchasing new guns, ammunition, holsters and costumes just to try out Cowboy Action Shooting.  Trouble Shooter Lou explains the details about the Windy Plains Drifters category:
The "WPD" is a Windy Plains Drifters modified class to assist new cowboy competitors who may not have all the gear or ammo.

Typically the WPD class only shoots three stages however if you want to shoot more stages that is OK.

Pistol (need only one):  This pistol must be a revolver capable of shooting 6 rounds of .22, .38/.357, .44 or .45 Long Colt.

Ammo:  The ammo must be lead bullets and low velocity.

Rifle:  The rifle must be any of the calibers of the pistol above, does not have to be the same as the pistol.  The Rifle should be a lever action. However, a pump action will be accepted.

Shotgun:  Side by side, or pump, 410, 20, 16 or 12 gauge.

Holsters are optional as the Range has carpeted benches and platforms to rest guns on when not shooting them.

Costumes:  Jeans and a button up long sleeve shirt are preferred and are part of the safety gear.  If you want to wear a hat, straw or cowboy style hats are also preferred.  Shorts, t-shirts and baseball caps are strongly discouraged.  

Safety Gear:  Eye and ear protection is a must while shooting or watching shooters on the range.
Honestly, if you don't have all the guns either we still want you to come out and use what ever you do have.  Heck, we remember when Near Side showed up with nothing more than a single pistol!

Really, we want you to just come on out and have fun!
Photos and Videos

OK - I admit I have not been as speedy as possible when updating the site at times. Scores go up pretty quick but the pictures and videos take more work so they have been seriously delayed. My humble apologies for that. I have been working on the site for three days now and have posted dozens of pics and and short videos sent to me. Here are some links to help you find them:
2013 shoot pics
Profile Videos
Beginnings pics and videos
Drifter Daze 2013 pics
2014 shoot pics
I've got more to do yet so keep your eyes peeled!

Near Side
Updated Shooters Handbook and RO I & II Information

SASS has sent out notification of an updated Shooters Handbook ( with highlighted changes ) and RO I & II information, please check them out below.

Thanks, Kid Karen & Otter

The SASS Handbooks and RO Materials on the website have all been updated for 2012. You will find a highlighted version of the SASS Shooters Handbook for your use and reference.

To go directly to the highlighted version of the SASS Shooters Handbook CLICK HERE.

There are also updated Official SASS Shooters Handbook translations in both ITALIAN and FRENCH and an official German translation of the SASS Shooters Handbook is coming soon!

You will also find RO Course Materials updated for 2012, that include important information about lead exposure and some precautionary steps that can be taken. SASS takes shooter safety in all aspects of our sport very seriously and felt the need to address the prevention of lead exposure for our shooters.

Please take a moment to review this important addition to the RO Materials for presentation in all RO Classes in the future.

To go directly to the RO I Course Materials, click here.

To go directly to the RO II Course Materials, click here.

We are also pleased to offer the RO I Course Materials in an official German translation, now available on our website! Just click here.