Windy Plains Drifters
2012 Annual Stage Writeups

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Below are all the stage wrtieups which made up the story of
First Day
Stage One
In the Beginning Sheriff Tucker was an adventurous lawman. He rounded up some tough looking critters, just for looking tough. One day while on the boardwalk he heard some ruckus inside the jail. Heading for the door he saw the prisoners being freed. With his trusty shotgun in hand he started to clear the room. Moving to the windows for better cover he found they don’t go down as easy as they should.
Stage Two
In the beginning Thaddeus T. opened a mercantile to make his family prosperous. This fine mornin’ he was headed to open up, when he heard loud noise from inside. Looking in the window he sees the not-so-famous Card Gang were inside (named such as you always saw them playing card versus doing anything productive). Because they were wanted, he decides to terminate the Cards from the right and then the left starting with his favorite suit.
Stage Three
In the beginning The stage line Outpost was a place where undesirables went to disappear. Finding this out Sheriff Tucker paid a visit. Sneaking up to the front he placed his shotgun and rifle against the building, then went to the window for a look. Seeing a dozen or so from the wanted posters you yelled “Give it UP”. All hell broke out and several ran for the Livery, where he pursued. After clean up the Livery he went back to the Stage office to finish mopping up.
Stage Four
After his attempt to round up the law-breakers and to continuing cleaning up the wounded, Sheriff Tucker chased the vermin to the nearby briar patch. Knowing the goin’ was going to be tough he took only his trusty shotgun and a bunch of shells then went out the back of the Red Dragon in pursuit.
Second Day
Stage One
In the beginning lessons came hard. Sheriff Tucker kept rounding up the thugs, however, he learned to keep his guns at the ready. While at his desk he heard horses running up the street. Going to the window he sees the jail bird’s partners in the street in front of the Jail; yelling “Let my people go”. You respond with “Their staying in jail”. Returning fire sweeping right and left in hopes of keeping his prisoners.
Stage Two
In the beginning Thaddeus T. has a hard time keeping any stock as his deliveries are being looted. Standing at the door protecting the shipment that was being carried in, the remainder of the Card gang shows up to relieve him of his goods. He lowers his rifle and starts double tapping each of the would be robbers.
Stage Three
In the beginning Sheriff Tucker decided to hire a deputy to watch the Stage line as he wanted to keep the northern stop open for growth of continue. With all the robberies and low lives, the stage line is looking at termination this part of the line. Deputy Scruff wanting to impress the sheriff, notices some undesirables at the livery and goes to investigate. Once the shooting started you keep on the move, keeping in mind to check the Stage office as well.